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Are You the Epitome of Success But Feel like something is missing?

You’ve climbed the professional ladder, set industry benchmarks, and led with ease. But when did you last feel genuinely joyful or truly present? Sounds like you? You’re not alone. Far too many leaders, perhaps like yourself, find themselves in the paradox of success without fulfillment.

I understand. It’s easy to get lost in the din of responsibilities, especially when everyone looks up to you—professionally or personally. The world sees a leader; you experience constant drain. What if I told you there’s a way to orchestrate a life where success doesn’t come at the cost of your well-being?

Meet Dr. Lorneka.

As a seasoned pharmacist and wellness coach, I bring the precision, analytical mindset from my pharmaceutical background and merge it with holistic approaches. Over the years, I have fine-tuned the art of helping professionals and organizations sustain and thrive in demanding environments.

What Can I Offer You?

Perfect for leadership teams or as an individual escape, these retreats are a confluence of professional development and personal well-being.

  • Executive and VIP Day Coaching:

This program is tailored to professionals and aims to redefine your perspectives on work and wellness. We move beyond the surface-level solutions to identify root causes and develop next steps.

  • Holistic Well-being Retreats, Full-Day and Half-Day Workshops

I can help your organization create resilient leaders, enhance teamwork, and improve efficiencies without sacrificing individual well-being. Click the button and let’s talk.

What Makes My Services Unique?


I use empirical assessments and quantitative metrics to measure progress
and define success.


I use empirical assessments and quantitative metrics to measure progress
and define success.


I understand your time is valuable. My programs are designed to give you maximum impact with minimum time investment.


I aim to unveil the authentic leader in you,  someone competent and


Rest assured, your privacy is my utmost priority.

Your High-Stakes Investment Deserves High-Value Return

Our services are an investment in the quality of your life and the efficacy of your leadership. So, if you are planning for success and fulfillment and want to leave a legacy rather than just occupy a role, click the link to talk.

Our Services

The Wellness & Leadership Blueprint: 4 Month Program

For High-Performing CEOs,  Professionals and Faith-Based Leaders

Are You Leading at the Expense of Living?

Here’s the truth. You’ve climbed the ladder, shattered ceilings, and led teams to victories that others deemed impossible. You’re not just at the top of your game; you are the game. But ask yourself:

When was the last time you experienced doses peace or left work with energy to spare for your personal life?

Welcome to the Wellness & Leadership Blueprint – a transformational experience to synergize your professional prowess with holistic well-being.

What Awaits You

Ultimate Self-Worth

Awaken an elevated version of you because your worth isn’t just linked to quarterly reports or performance reviews. It’s time work well in your industry
and community.

Robust Emotional Arsenal

Gain elite emotional intelligence tools tailored for the C-suite and beyond, turning perceived vulnerabilities like fear and anxiety into formidable strengths.

Strategic Life Harmony

Learn to execute high-stakes decisions without compromising your soul prosperity. Achieve a work-life symbiosis that many consider romantic, but we know is achievable.

Enriched Relational Dynamics

Rediscover the art of cultivating relationships that don’t just fill a room but elevate it. Your relationships will become your greatest assets.

Holistic Consciousness

Navigate your professional path with heightened spiritual awareness. Recognize emotional triggers as guideposts, not setbacks, making you an exemplar of mindful leadership.

Why Choose This Transformation?

Data-Driven Decisions:

We’re not shooting in the dark. Expect empirically-backed strategies and tailor-made action plans.

CEO-Caliber Confidentiality:

Your journey remains your intellectual property. Your investment yields not just results but complete discretion.

White-Glove Accountability:

You’re accustomed to exceptional service; why should your personal and professional transformation be any different?

Your Next Chapter Starts Now

You’re not one to procrastinate when you see an opportunity for growth and enhancement. The Wellness & Leadership Blueprint isn’t just a program; it’s an investment in the version of you that’s waiting just beyond the horizon.

The Elite Reset: Your High-Impact VIP Day with Dr.Lorneka

Need a Quantum Leap, Not Baby Steps?This Ones for You.

Some people spend months—even years—tinkering at the edges of their lives andcareers. If you’re someone who values their time and impact, welcome to your High-Impact VIP Day. It s like a year’s worth of coaching condensed into four enlightening hours (and yes, we’ll pause for lunch because superheroes need to eat).

Here’s What Your High-Impact VIP Day Looks Like:

Five-Hour Private Session:

One-on-one time with yours indeed. It’s a deep dive into the ocean of your potential, except you won’t need scuba gear.

Who Do I Serve?

I specialize in coaching C-suite executives, leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs who value their time. Let’s condense months of work into hours and set you on a faster, more straightforward path to your goals.

Multi-Goal Strategy

This isn’t just about one facet of your life or career; we’re redefining your multi-faceted roles  for alignment.

Emotional & Strategic Clarity

Walk away with a clear head, a bright path, and confidence that says, “I am more than a conqueror.”

Personalized Action Plan

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation. You’ll get a custom plan tailored to BOOST your energy and productivity and dial down burnout.

Private Follow-Up

You will receive your private recording for your reference, but you”ll receive a special gift from me. Expect a call 15 days later to ensure you’re on track and breaking records.


Dr. Lorneka came into my life at a time of transition and confusion. The hidden damages I carried for years were revealed during our coaching sessions. It wasn’t easy but beneficial to who I am now, two years later. As a wife and makeup artist, I believe that women on the fence will experience change and the true beauty of Dr. Lorneka.

Yeisha F. – Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur

When I hired Dr. Lorneka as my coach, I had low self-esteem and my actions were controlled by fear. Since working with her, my mindset shifted and I address issues with loved ones in a healthier way. Her tools also helped me address poor money habits, create a second stream of income and I got married while in her program.


Cindy F. – Preschool Teacher

Prior to enrolling in Dr. Lorneka’s coaching program, I had a fear of public speaking and lacked confidence in myself. My first assignment from Dr. Lorneka was uncomfortable but with her spiritual practices, I embrace conflict resolution at work. My first few months of coaching with Dr. Lorneka, I received great compliments from my supervisors after a leadership presentation and was interviewed on national radio for Nurses’ week. Being celebrated at work confirmed that I made the right investment.


Kerstin U. – Registered Pediatric & Oncology Nurse

Are You Ready to Lead with Impact and Live with Intention?

The journey toward fulfillment and influential leadership starts with a single, pivotal decision—to act. Don’t let another day go if your potential is curtailed by stress, imbalance, or lack of clarity.


Who are these services designed for?

Our programs are meticulously crafted for high-performing CEOs, leaders, and professionals. You are in the right place if you seek elite-level transformation in your personal and professional lives

What is the investment range for your services?

Our services range between $5,000 and $15,000, depending on your needs and specific program. We focus on delivering unparalleled value that reflects this investment.

How long does it take to notice results from your program?

While outcomes are individualistic, our clients often report significant changes within the first four weeks of program commencement.

Can I arrange a call to discuss further before committing?

Certainly, we offer clarity calls for you to get more information. Come well-prepared, as these are not substitutes for sessions. These calls are 15  minutes maximum.

Is U.S. residency a requirement to become a client?

We serve an international clientele, so residency is not a barrier. However, please note that our services are in the Eastern Standard Time zone.

Is insurance an accepted form of payment?

Given the premium nature of our  services, we do not accept insurance as a payment method.

Are payment plans available?

Payment plans are available exclusively upon request, following an initial deposit. Our focus is on delivering a  transformative experience worth your investment.

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