You are the leader in your circle but you are ready for joy, more time and some fulfillment.

You are a leader in corporate, managing a business, trying to support loved ones but you are functioning without fulfillment.

You’d love to have more time for your family, hobbies and quality health. Instead of delegating, you accept requests without evaluating your time and capacity.

Vacations twice a year, while tending to everyone has led to burnout, overperformance and frequent disappointment. 

If this is you, click the box and let’s schedule a call. 

WE work best with the WITH THE FOLLOWING:

Corporate and College Leaders

Current or Emerging Entrepreneurs

Public Figures

Industry Experts

YOU are worth the investment.


You’ve been checking off all of the boxes most of your life. You are educated and hardworking.

You enjoy making contributions to society and sometimes you are last, on your list with achieving these goals. I work with people to help them we redefine their:

worth, work and wellness.

Don’t just give the world your time and energy. LEAVE a LEGACY with your sphere of influence. 

If you’re ready to RELEASE some stress (or people), here is our application process



This helps our team ensure that we are a good fit as coach and client, for our programs and services.


​This gives us a chance to connect and get to know each other on a call to discuss your needs.


If you’re a good fit, you will be enrolled into one of our programs (Services start at $500 and we offer payment options).


Once your client onboarding is complete, we will be ready to take action and become awakened.

here are services we offer


Twice a month private sessions

Personality and Skills test.

Ways to incorporate boundaries.

Strategies to improve clarity with decision-making.

Tools to improve energy, body productivity and reduce burn out.

Recorded sessions, welcome gift and update calls throughout the program.


Four (4) hour Private Session (lunch break included).

Ideal for leaders, experts or entrepreneurs who need time condensed.

Hands-on Accountability to strategize multiple goals.

Emotional clarity and confidence to shift your current success path.

Customized plan to improve energy, productivity and reduce burn out.

Recorded session, gift and follow up call 15 days after your VIP Day session.

You feel unseen and unworthy by your circle

You’re afraid to speak up truthfully, set and maintain boundaries

You’re dealing with burnout, constant demands and low energy

You desire vulnerability and fulfillment but there are trust issues

Indecision and procrastination about next steps is frustrating

You will begin to feel worthy and significant as a high achiever

Gain mindset tools to manage anxiety, fear and rejection post program

Make decisions guilt-free for work life balance with expert recommendations

Gain deeper intimacy with relationships at home and work

You’ll become spiritually awakened and aware of emotional triggers


Dr. Lorneka came into my life at a time of transition and confusion. The hidden damages I carried for years were revealed during our coaching sessions. It wasn’t easy but beneficial to who I am now, two years later. As a wife and makeup artist, I believe that women on the fence will experience change and the true beauty of Dr. Lorneka.

Yeisha F. – Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur


I highly recommend Dr. Lorneka as a coach. She has a unique way of getting me to relax and be vulnerable. One of the keys that I took from our sessions was learning how “to respond rather than react” when communicating with my husband. This shift is priceless in helping me communicate with him.

Dr. Kelley R. – Pharmacist & Home Designer


Making the decision to hire Dr. Lorneka as a coach is one of the best decisions for my life. I was at a low point when I hired her. Dr. Lorneka helped me declutter unhealthy thoughts and relationship patterns. I became comfortable trusting her with my deepest secrets and struggles. Her program rebuilt my confidence today.

Chase F. – Music Artist/Songwriter 


When I hired Dr. Lorneka as my coach, I had low self-esteem and my actions were controlled by fear. Since working with her, my mindset shifted and I address issues with loved ones in a healthier way. Her tools also helped me address poor money habits, create a second stream of income and I got married while in her program.

Cindy F. – Preschool Teacher


Prior to enrolling in Dr. Lorneka’s coaching program, I had a fear of public speaking and lacked confidence in myself. My first assignment from Dr. Lorneka was uncomfortable but with her spiritual practices, I embrace conflict resolution at work. My first few months of coaching with Dr. Lorneka, I received great compliments from my supervisors after a leadership presentation and was interviewed on national radio for Nurses’ week. Being celebrated at work confirmed that I made the right investment.

Kerstin U. – Registered Pediatric & Oncology Nurse


Do you offer payment plans for your program?
Yes we do offer payment plans for our programs once a deposit has been submitted.

Can I book a call with you to ask you questions outside of a coaching program?
Yes. However, clarity calls are NOT sessions and they are limited so we suggest coming prepared with your questions. If our time extends beyond 45 minutes, you’ll be directed to book a full session.

Does your company accept insurance?
We do not accept insurance as a form of payment.

How long does it take to notice results from your program?
Results vary from client to client but statistically, our clients notice change within the first four weeks of our program.

Do I need to be a U.S resident to book services?
We serve clients globally so you do not need to be a U.S resident to receive services. Services will be conducted on EST time zone.